Céntimos Solidarios. Development NGO. Collaborate as a company
Your generosity can be written off on your tax return. Check here [SP] for further information.
If you are a company you can…


From the commercial sector

Offer your customers the option of rounding up their purchases to the nearest euro.


The banking sector

Offer your customers the option of automatically rounding up their purchases to the nearest euro with credit or debit card.


In any sector

Offer your employees the option of rounding up their wages to the nearest euro in their wage payments.

Become a charitable company, or increase your charitable actions, if you already are, in any of the following ways:

  • By making donations.
  • Contributing any pennies you wish for each unit manufactured or sold.
  • Offering the possibility of donating amounts greater than a “few pennies” if you are a luxury establishment.


Become a member


Make a regular donation

You can also make a periodic donation by bank transfer to one of our accounts:

ES58 2100 1264 7702 0031 4772
Banco Santander
ES59 0049 4630 1228 1755 2141

Or if you prefer, you can make donations through BIZUM. Our code is: 03723.


If you are a company or an entity and you want to collaborate, please contact us.


Companies and entities collaborating with Céntimos Solidarios:

ONG Céntimos Solidarios, Obra Social La Caixa, entidad colaboradoraGruetzi, agencia de publicidad, desarrollo web y diseño gráfico. Empresa solidaria colaboradora de la ONG Céntimos SolidariosCéntimos Solidarios, ONGD.Entidad colaboradora con Céntimos Solidarios. Abogado Arrendamientos.

ONG Céntimos Solidarios, colabora Cámara de Comercio de Soria