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We work on development programmes and projects dealing with diseases or conditions and preventing their occurrence. We support the World Health Organization (WHO)’s concept of health, according to which, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness”.

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Expansion of the laboratory and ultrasound service in the San Martín de Porres Health Centre, Kpakpamé, Benin

Continuing with our health development program in the Department of Zou, Za-Kpota Commune, Region of Kpakpamé, Benin, we expanded the ultrasound and laboratory services of the Health Center with the acquisition of a linear probe and an ionogram determination device. This Center was launched by our local partner in 2018, and currently provides health coverage to 10,000 people annually. The high incidence of maternal mortality led the local population to request the creation of a health care post. In the area there are no centers that perform ultrasounds, solemnly some private clinics in the city. The Center has a MINDRAY D10 portable ultrasound machine. So far he solemnly performs obstetric, abdominal, pelvic ultrasounds. For the rest, patients must be sent to the city, which is not well received, due to the distance, due to the price they are charged there. To perform other types of ultrasounds, such as those of the breast, the appropriate probe is needed. Regarding the laboratory, little by little, the locals get used to carrying out laboratory tests. So the service is quite equipped in terms of material, devices, etc. Ionogram service is not available.

Sheltered housing for mentally ill people at risk of social inclusion. Buitrago, Soria, Spain

Céntimos Solidarios, ONG de cooperación al desarrollo. Hogar tutelado para personas con enfermedad mental en riesgo de exclusión social. Buitrago, Soria, España

The social stigma experienced by people living with mental illnesses leads to discriminatory situations in a range of areas of their daily life that severely affect their workplace, social integration and quality of life. People with mental illness have to face a two-fold challenge in their day-to-day lives, what has come known as a “two-fold illness”. They experience symptoms of their illness on the one hand while also having to deal with the effects of the social stigma associated with this mental health problem.

Unfortunately, mental illness and poverty are two sides of the same coin. There has been a noticeably sharp increase in the percentage of people at risk of social exclusion who suffer from a mental illness compared to the rest of the population, particularly in the case of homeless people, prison inmates and people in the public care system. Social exclusion leads to a scarcity of economic resources, poor residential stability, major difficulty in accessing quality jobs, with low wages, precariousness and abusive workplace conditions and above all, social isolation, stigma and loneliness, among others.


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