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School bus for children from 7 rural communities in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

In continuation of our social development programme in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, we will improve the educational and nutritional development of at least 75 children belonging to 7 local villages with very poor indigenous populations through the acquisition of a school bus. These children currently have to walk, together with their mothers, up to 4 hours a day along steep paths and often in adverse climate conditions to reach our education centre, where both their educational and nutritional needs are met.

Installation of running water at the San Martín de Porres Training Centre, Isiro, DR Congo
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Isiro is 2300 km away from Kinshasa, the country’s capital, in the north-east. It is an area that has suffered greatly through various wars, rebellions, etc. The region has rich underground reserves of gold, coltan, etc., but this is also why it has been greatly plundered and its people live in poverty. It has been one of the regions that produces and exports most coffee, cocoa, cotton, etc. The people in the area currently live in the subsistence economy with their small fields to be able to eat and cover their primary needs. In this city of Isiro, in a district on the outskirts called Magambe, our local partner has a Comprehensive Training Centre that provides training of a practical nature. Many people come here to the different sessions and seminars. There is currently a well on a plot of land about 500 metres from the installations. The water pump was installed many years ago and the pipes through which the water rises have deteriorated and many of them are broken. This means that every time they need water, they have to drop buckets down the well, bring the water up manually, and carry it back. A new water pump with all its accessories must be purchased for a new installation with new pipes that take the water to the centre buildings so that everyone who goes to the Training Centre for training, meetings and sessions, has access to running water.

Renovation of a protected flat for female victims of human trafficking and social exclusion, Córdoba, Spain
Gender equality

Piso tutelado Córdoba

The reality of human trafficking, particularly of women, is a fact that also affects our surroundings. Our counterpart in Córdoba helps pregnant women and/or their children, victims of different situations that lead them to a reality of social vulnerability: victims of trafficking, gender-based violence, prostitution and social exclusion. Its actions are aimed at achieving the beginning of freedom, empowerment, personal and social integration, social promotion of women who are victims of various forms of slavery, as well as reporting unjust situations, the defence of women’s rights, knowledge of the social problem and critical analysis of the reality that are true in our nation and beyond it. The project comprises adapting the protected flat they have in the capital city of Córdoba, a flat that accommodates single-parent families, where mothers find themselves in a stage of pre-autonomy.

Drinking water supply system for educational and nutritional centre in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Céntimos Solidarios, ONGD.

In the Department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, the construction of a cistern will supply drinking water to the Education and Nutrition Centre, and will enable its dining room for the boys and girls of the region’s 7 villages to operate. At present, the women go to the spring on the mountain to clean belongings and transport the water. As well as collecting rainwater, the drinking water supply system will suitably channel the river water, and a filtering system will permit the water to be drunk, thus enabling the educational and nutritional development of the boys and girls included in our comprehensive development programme.

Special employment centre
Health and wellbeing

ONG Céntimos Solidarios. Centro especial empleo, Buitrago, Soria

In the town of Buitrago, Soria, once our “Supervised house for people with mental illness, at risk of social exclusion” project has been successfully started up, this year we will be tackling its second phase, consisting of offering the residents of the house, and other people with problems of mental health or disability, stable, quality employment in the rural environment, through the creation of a Special Employment Centre. We have begun working on the possibility of offering these employment positions by undertaking a sustainable social economy plan guided by the principles and practices of cooperation, fairness, sustainability, togetherness and democratic self-management, giving people’s satisfaction priority over profit and territorial links. Access to stable, quality employment is a key element in integration and social normalisation for any person, and especially for the groups with difficulties.

Sheltered housing for mentally ill people at risk of social inclusion. Buitrago, Soria, Spain
Health and wellbeing

ONG Céntimos Solidarios

A rurally-located community centre intended to provide comprehensive care and to act as a stable and functional 8-person dwelling for people at risk or socially excluded due to their functional diversity or their disability and as a consequence of their social, cultural, financial or emotional issues.

Self-sustainable gardens for food and nutrition security Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Agricultural development and nutrition

Céntimos Solidarios, ONG. Huertos auto-sostenibles para la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional en Guatemala This intervention aims to promote and reinforce three fundamental rights: food security, food sovereignty and the autonomy of women, thus promoting the social development of the 5 indigenous communities of Cobán, Alta Verapaz, a rural area of Guatemala with a high rate of extreme poverty.

Expansion of the solar energy network in the San Martín de Porres Health Centre, Kpakpamé, Benin
Affordable and non-polluting energies

In 2018 on the location of Kpakpamé, Department of Zou, Benin, our local partner was able to build a Health Center that currently provides health coverage to 10,000 people annually. The Center has an electrical network supply, but since it is located in a rural area, supply cuts are frequent, and since it is a Social Health Center, the use of more affordable and non-polluting energy is desirable. Currently they have 8 solar panels and 4 batteries, which are still partially supplied with solar energy. So far, the Health Center laboratory does not have this option, nor the refrigerators where the reagents and / or vaccines are kept, nor the ultrasound or hospitalization service, nor the secretary. Our project to expand the Solar Energy connection will provide enough material to have a total of 16 solar panels, 8 batteries and a 12V to 220V converter.


Expansion of the laboratory and ultrasound service in the San Martín de Porres Health Centre, Kpakpamé, Benin
Health and Well-being

Continuing with our health development program in the Department of Zou, Za-Kpota Commune, Region of Kpakpamé, Benin, we expanded the ultrasound and laboratory services of the Health Center with the acquisition of a linear probe and an ionogram determination device. This Center was launched by our local partner in 2018, and currently provides health coverage to 10,000 people annually. The high incidence of maternal mortality led the local population to request the creation of a health care post. In the area there are no centers that perform ultrasounds, solemnly some private clinics in the city. The Center has a MINDRAY D10 portable ultrasound machine. So far he solemnly performs obstetric, abdominal, pelvic ultrasounds. For the rest, patients must be sent to the city, which is not well received, due to the distance, due to the price they are charged there. To perform other types of ultrasounds, such as those of the breast, the appropriate probe is needed. Regarding the laboratory, little by little, the locals get used to carrying out laboratory tests. So the service is quite equipped in terms of material, devices, etc. Ionogram service is not available.