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We work on development programmes and projects dealing with diseases or conditions and preventing their occurrence. We support the World Health Organization (WHO)’s concept of health, according to which, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness”.

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Sheltered housing for mentally ill people at risk of social inclusion. Buitrago, Soria, Spain

Céntimos Solidarios, ONG de cooperación al desarrollo. Hogar tutelado para personas con enfermedad mental en riesgo de exclusión social. Buitrago, Soria, España

The social stigma experienced by people living with mental illnesses leads to discriminatory situations in a range of areas of their daily life that severely affect their workplace, social integration and quality of life. People with mental illness have to face a two-fold challenge in their day-to-day lives, what has come known as a “two-fold illness”. They experience symptoms of their illness on the one hand while also having to deal with the effects of the social stigma associated with this mental health problem.

Unfortunately, mental illness and poverty are two sides of the same coin. There has been a noticeably sharp increase in the percentage of people at risk of social exclusion who suffer from a mental illness compared to the rest of the population, particularly in the case of homeless people, prison inmates and people in the public care system. Social exclusion leads to a scarcity of economic resources, poor residential stability, major difficulty in accessing quality jobs, with low wages, precariousness and abusive workplace conditions and above all, social isolation, stigma and loneliness, among others.

Céntimos Solidarios ONG . Proyecto en Buitrago, Soria para personas con riesgo de exclusión social

The project, in collaboration with our local partner, ASOVICA, is defined as a rurally-located community centre intended to provide comprehensive care and to act as a stable and functional 8-person dwelling for people at risk of being or that are socially excluded due to their functional diversity or disability and as a consequence of their social, cultural, financial or emotional issues.

Its main aim is to improve their personal, social and professional autonomy through the active participation and involvement of residents, under the constant support and supervision of Asovica’s technical staff, composed of psychologists, social educators, social workers, caregivers, guidance counsellors, personal assistants, etc., through comprehensive and specialised intervention.

The residence itself will be established as a centre for psychosocial rehabilitation and occupational activities related to gardening, orchards, animal breeding, etc. as well as leisure activities and hobbies. Residents will also retain their professional occupation and attend activities and rehabilitation programme led by the technicians. They will also attend other centres for psychosocial rehabilitation and activities or services that promote social integration considered as a fundamental objective, thanks to its transportation service that will enable users to travel, according to each of their specific needs.

Céntimos Solidarios, habitaciones casa tutelada para personas con riesgo de exclusión social en Buitrago, Soria

The following services are provided:

  • Food and accommodation for users.
  • Co-existence, cooperation and self-help activities, psycho-social support.
  • Family guidance.
  • Actions to guarantee private life and emotional balance.
  • Actions to maintain, develop and increase the autonomy and independent functioning of users in both the centre and its surroundings.
  • Training actions.
  • Active job search and workplace integration.


Furthermore, a second stage will involve looking for opportunities to create stable, quality employment in rural areas through the implementation of a sustainable social economy plan guided by principles and practices of cooperation, equity, sustainability, solidarity, ethics and democratic self-management, prioritising the satisfaction of people above profit and linkage to the territory, identifying the measures that encourage the creation of employment and the group of key areas that have major potential for job creation and economic diversity, such as the ones in this case: Agri-food industry, agriculture and livestock, conservation of spaces, public services, etc., in order to support their life plan.


Céntimos Solidarios, habitaciones casa tutelada para personas con riesgo de exclusión social en Buitrago, Soria


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Health and Wellbeing


1st Stage: Purchase of a rural house. Expected timeframe: second half of March 2019.
2nd stage: Furnishing and refurbishment of Rural House. Expected timeframe: end of May 2019.
3rd Stage: Refurbishment of kitchen and garden. Expected timeframe: end of May 2019.
4th Stage: Entry for residents. Expected timeframe: end of May 2019.

Purchase of rural house: 270,000 euros. TARGET COVERED
Furnishing and refurbishment of Rural House: 10.480,97 euros. TARGET COVERED
Kitchen refurbishment: Expansion of space for office and furnishing: 7.925,18 euros. TARGET COVERED
Refurbishment of garden: Creation of orchard and henhouse and furnishing of garden: 9.571,10 euros. TARGET COVERED




  1. Acquisition of a self-managed housing unit during the first stage, conducive to dignified life, improving the quality of life of each one of its habitants.
  2. The creation of stable, quality employment in rural areas through the implementation of a sustainable social economy plan during the second stage.





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