Céntimos Solidarios, NGO Rights of indigenous people

We work on development programmes and projects that promote the empowerment of indigenous people, and the respect for their individual and collective rights. We work for the respect and recognition of the uniqueness of minority cultures contributing to the diversity and richness of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We defend the rights of the native communities when these are compromised.

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Céntimos Solidarios, ONG. Huertos auto-sostenibles para la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional en Guatemala


Our Social Development programme taking place in the rural area of the municipality of Cobán, in the department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, is working to promote the rights of the indigenous people, as the beneficiary population belongs to eight indigenous communities. Poverty levels in the department of Alta Verapaz are over 80%; therefore, the rate of poverty in the rural population is almost double that of the urban population. The indigenous population is the most excluded and discriminated against; belonging to an indigenous community is synonymous with discrimination, racism, and lack of opportunity. Nearly four out of every five indigenous people are living in poverty and the rate of extreme poverty rate is three times higher among the indigenous population than among the non-indigenous population.


ONG Céntimos Solidarios. Proyectos de ayuda para poblaciones indígenas


Our Agricultural Development and Nutrition project guarantees nutritional and food sovereignty for 69 families belonging to 5 indigenous communities: Samac, Santo Domingo, Chiripex Sacranix, La Libertad, Chirrasquicú, and children attending our Education and Nutrition Centre. The eradication of malnutrition has emerged as a key element for sustainable development. Malnutrition affects children’s health and intellectual development and will have repercussions throughout their lives.

The school transport and drinking water supply systems to the Educational and Nutrition Centre will allow at least 75 children from 12 rural villages to access to education and adequate nutrition. Decent, quality education is necessary to allow these indigenous peoples to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation which they live under.

All in all, our Social Development Programme works to ensure a dignified and fair life for 8 communities of indigenous people: Samac, Santo Domingo, Chicoj Rasquix, Chiripec Sacranix, La Libertad, Sanimtacá, Chirrascú and La Esperanza.



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